Swift progress: trial proof on ‘A Modest Proposal’

Trial Proof on the forthcoming Swift pamphlet

I pulled this proof yesterday without really meaning to. I wanted to throw another layer of ink down on the blocks because it was becoming increasingly difficult to judge the way light and dark were running through the image.

I have a smattering of Japanese papers as part of lot I purchased from Paul Razzell when I picked up his font of Molé Foliate. (Paul dabbled in letterpress when he was the North American editor for Parenthesis.) This paper is Kitikata, according to the hand-written note on it. Very smooth on one side and hand-burnishes extremely well.

This illustration measures 10″ x 7″ (two 5×7 blocks. My approach to this piece was inspired by Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day? where buildings frequently have walls removed to show the workings inside.

The text for A Modest Proposal has been done for ages. This illustration of a new sustainable, but horrible, economic cure is coming along. My new glasses, which are a sort of progressives-training prescription, are making it a little easier on the eyes. A little more light please.